[slurm-users] Nested sruns

Raymond Norris Raymond.Norris at mathworks.com
Fri May 25 15:00:04 MDT 2018

Slurm: 17.11.4

I want to run an interactive job on a compute node.  I know that I'm going to need to run an MPI app, so I request a bunch of tasks upfront

srun -n 16 -gres=gpu:4 -pty $SHELL

This creates a job with 4 nodes.


Once on the compute node, I run an application that make a system call to a shell script.  Of my 16 cores, I want to make use of 10 of them.  In that shell script is the following call

srun -l -n 10 a.out

However, Slurm comes back with

srun: Warning: can't run 10 processes on 16 nodes, setting nnodes to 10
srun: error: Only allocated 4 nodes asked for 10

Exiting with code: 1

If I run

                Srun -l -n 16 a.out

The app hangs and the debug show

            srun: jobid 1234: nodes(4):`n1,n2,n3,n4', cpu counts: 4(x4)
            srun: error: SLURM_NNODES environment variable conflicts with allocated node count (16 != 4).
            srun: debug:  requesting job 1234, user 5678, nodes 4 including ((null))
            srun: debug:  cpus 16, tasks 16, name a.out, relative 65534
            srun: Job 1234 step creation temporarily disabled, retrying

            srun: debug:  Got signal 2
            srun: Cancelled pending job step with signal 2
            srun: error: Unable to create step for job 1234: Job/step already completing or completed

I think there are two issues:

  1.  I'm asking for a gres that is being consumed by the outer srun (but my inner srun is going to need the GPU, so I need to ensure I'm asking for them upfront)
  2.  Even without the gres, Slurm still doesn't seem to like srun calling srun.

How do I make this work?


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