[slurm-users] sacct does not show anything when PrivateData=jobs is set in slurmdbd.conf

Andy Georges Andy.Georges at UGent.be
Fri May 18 09:30:57 MDT 2018


As per the guidelines on the slurmdbd.conf and sachet manual pages, I have set PrivateData=jobs (amongst others) in slurmdbd.conf.

However, at this point no job information is available anymore when running sacct, it just does not provide any job related output:

vsc40075 at gligar03 (SLURM_NOT_TORQUE_PBS) ~/vsc-testing/slurm> sacct -a
       JobID    JobName  Partition    Account  AllocCPUS      State ExitCode
------------ ---------- ---------- ---------- ---------- ---------- --------
vsc40075 at gligar03 (SLURM_NOT_TORQUE_PBS) ~/vsc-testing/slurm>

When the jobs option is removed from PrivateData, I can see (obviously) all job information of myself and other users.

Any pointers how to make sure a user can only see his own jobs?

Slurm version: 17.11.5

— Andy
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