[slurm-users] --uid , --gid option is root only now :'(

Janne Blomqvist janne.blomqvist at aalto.fi
Mon May 14 03:05:03 MDT 2018

On 2018-05-10 21:48, Christopher Benjamin Coffey wrote:
> Hi,
> We noticed that recently --uid, and --gid functionality changed where previously a user in the slurm administrators group´╗┐ could launch jobs successfully with --uid, and --gid , allowing for them to submit jobs as another user. Now, in order to use --uid, --gid, you have to be the root user.
> What was the reasoning in making this change? Do people not trust the folks in the slurm administrator group to allow this behavior? Seems odd.
> This bit us awhile back when upgrading from 16.05.6 to slurm 17.11 which has this --uid/--gid change in it. We've just recently gotten time to look into it. We've patched slurm (a very small change) to remove the check as we need this functionality. I'd imagine there wouldn't be any consequences from the minor change, but would like to hear if possible why the change was made and if this code change is a bad idea. Also, is there a better solution to allow a non-root slurm administrator user to submit jobs as another person?

We ran into this as well when doing a 16.05->17.11 upgrade. We have a 
jupyterhub instance where users can login with their usual credentials 
through a web browser, and then launch jupyter notebook as a slurm job. 
We were using (I didn't setup this thing, so maybe I'm getting the 
details wrong...) the --uid/--gid thing so that the jupyterhub account 
could then submit the slurm jobs as the actual user.

This particular usecase was easy to work around by modifying the 
jupyterhub->slurm integration stuff to use sudo to submit the job, and 
setting up an appropriate sudo rule.

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