[slurm-users] Preempting not working for GPU nodes

Zheng Gong gongzheng.xw at gmail.com
Thu May 10 04:50:04 MDT 2018

Hi everyone,

We have a heterogeneous cluster. Part of the nodes have two nvidia gpu

slurm.conf looks like:

NodeName=compute-0-[0-6] CPUs=32
> NodeName=compute-1-[0-5] CPUs=16 Gres=gpu:2 Weight=100
>> PartitionName=hipri DefaultTime=00-1 MaxTime=00-1 MaxNodes=1
>> PriorityTier=9 Nodes=compute-0-[0-6]
> PartitionName=higtx DefaultTime=00-1 MaxTime=00-1 MaxNodes=1
>> PriorityTier=9 Nodes=compute-1-[0-5]
> PartitionName=cpu   DefaultTime=01-0 MaxTime=15-0 MaxNodes=1
>> Nodes=compute-0-[0-6]
> PartitionName=gtx   DefaultTime=01-0 MaxTime=15-0 MaxNodes=1
>> Nodes=compute-1-[0-5]
> gres.conf look like:

> NodeName=compute-1-[0-5] Name=gpu File=/dev/nvidia0
> NodeName=compute-1-[0-5] Name=gpu File=/dev/nvidia1
Preempting works for hipri partition, but not for higtx partition

By the way, if I suspend job in cpu partition, the pending jobs in cpu
partition start to run. But if I suspend job in gtx partition, nothing

Gong, Zheng (龚正)
Doctoral Candidate in Physical Chemistry
School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering
Shanghai Jiao Tong University
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