[slurm-users] How to get information about job steps

Chris Bridson (NBI) Chris.Bridson at nbi.ac.uk
Thu May 10 03:46:31 MDT 2018

If accounting is setup the state/requests of the steps should be saved, e.g.

# sacct --job 12345678 -o JobID,User,WCKey,JobName,ReqMem,Timelimit,MaxRSS,State,ExitCode
       JobID      User      WCKey    JobName     ReqMem  Timelimit     MaxRSS      State ExitCode
------------ --------- ---------- ---------- ---------- ---------- ---------- ---------- --------
12345678     xxxxxxxxx   *abc1234     sbatch        2Gn   00:15:00               RUNNING      0:0
12345678.ba+                           batch        2Gn                 7052K  COMPLETED      0:0
12345678.0                             sleep        2Gn                  916K  COMPLETED      0:0
12345678.1                             sleep        2Gn                  924K  COMPLETED      0:0
12345678.2                             false        2Gn                  928K     FAILED      1:0
12345678.3                             sleep        2Gn                  920K  COMPLETED      0:0
12345678.4                              true        2Gn                  920K  COMPLETED      0:0
12345678.5                             sleep        2Gn                 1988K  COMPLETED      0:0
12345678.6                             sleep        2Gn                          RUNNING      0:0

This doesn't show pending steps as they wouldn't have reported anything back to the accounting system.
The job from slurmctld (scontrol) should be cleaned out after the MinJobAge / MaxJobCount  has been reached in the slurm configuration.


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Is there a way to retrieve job step information similar to "scontrol show job"?    What I want to be able to do is see all job steps associated with a particular job, whether the step pending, running. or finished.   It seems that job step information is only available as long as the step is running or pending.   Once it is finished, the information disappears.   Is there a way to see all job steps associated with a job regardless of the state of the step?

Thanks so much!
-Roger Moye

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