[slurm-users] srun --reboot in sbatch

Tueur Volvo huitre39 at gmail.com
Mon May 7 07:42:03 MDT 2018

hello i try to reboot my node in sbatch

when i run
srun hostname

it's work
whe i run :
srun --reboot hostname
it's work, my slurmd node reboot and execute hostname

but i create sbatch file like this :

#!/bin/bash -l

#SBATCH --output=/nfs/myoutput.txt

# Jobs Steps:

echo "begin"
srun hostname
srun --reboot hostname
srun hostname
echo "ending"

sbatch start and my node reboot but i not have file /nfs/myoutput.txt

if i remove --reboot option, i have my file /nfs/myoutput.txt with 2
hostname output

why ? can i have srun --reboot in sbatch file ?

thanks for advance for your help
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