[slurm-users] Finding / compiling "pam_slurm.so" for Ubuntu 16.04

Gennaro Oliva oliva.g at na.icar.cnr.it
Fri May 4 01:29:49 MDT 2018

Hi Will,

On Fri, May 04, 2018 at 03:06:49AM +0000, Will Dennis wrote:
> Unfortunately, I got a report that my users can not log into the
> compute nodes even when they have a job scheduled on the node. I came
> to find out that although I have many .so files from my .deb package
> all in /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/slurm, pam_slurm.so is not one of
> them... My question is, where could I acquire the proper pam_slurm.so
> shared lib file for U16.04, or, otherwise, how to compile it?

when you created your own deb files, you should have also created a
deb called libpam-slurm. You need to install it.

Best regards
Gennaro Oliva

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