[slurm-users] MCS plugin and SlurmDBD

Matthieu Hautreux matthieu.hautreux at gmail.com
Thu May 3 14:45:50 MDT 2018


At the time the MCS logic was added to Slurm, the filtering of slurmdbd
related information based on the MCS label was defered because it requires
a new field (mcs_label) into the slurmdbd job/step records.

The addition of this label in the main branch took times and only appears
in 17.11 (see https://bugs.schedmd.com/show_bug.cgi?id=3321).
Unfortunately, the modification to use this field to filter slurmdbd
queries was not yet added.

We will look at this addition in the following weeks and propose something
for inclusion to SchedMD if/when we are happy with the results. For now,
you should look at filtering at the user level those kind of queries using
the PrivateData parameter of slurmdbd.conf.


2018-05-03 18:44 GMT+02:00 Nathan Harper <nathan.harper at cfms.org.uk>:

> Hi,
> We have just enabled the MCS plugin, with the below config:
> MCSPlugin=mcs/account
> MCSParameters=enforced,privatedata
> This has happily hidden running jobs from users who don't have the right
> MCS labels.   However, this is all undone by anything that queries
> slurmdbd, so sreport/sacct etc will show all users+jobs etc.
> Is this expected behaviour?
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