[slurm-users] Permissions to administer slurm

Matt Hohmeister hohmeister at psy.fsu.edu
Wed May 2 14:28:29 MDT 2018

I'm a sysadmin, brand new to Slurm, and just it running across two nodes: slurmctld and slurmd on one node; slurmd on the other.

[cid:image001.png at 01D3E232.47462D60]

In the next few days, I'm going to meet with a researcher who has a sizable MATLAB job I can submit to give this a spin.

Here's my question: I'm showing odin as drained, but thor as idle...odin, of course, is both the server node and a compute node. When I try to undrain it, I get this in the log:

[2018-05-02T16:23:34.546] error: Security violation, UPDATE_NODE RPC from uid=12345
[2018-05-02T16:23:34.546] _slurm_rpc_update_node for odin: Invalid user id

I guess my question here is: how do I designate a group of users who are authorized to administer slurm?


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