[slurm-users] fast way for a node to determine its own state?

Alexis Huxley alexis.huxley at mpcdf.mpg.de
Wed Mar 21 05:38:02 MDT 2018

> */2 * * * * scontrol --oneliner show node > /cluster/var/node-info.new 2>/dev/null && mv -f /cluster/var/node-info.new /cluster/var/node-info 2>/dev/null
> So, every 2. minute, the /cluster/var/node-info is updated (if the
> scontrol command succeeds), and the nodes simply grep in that file.

That would be fine, yes. But actually, the scontrol command ran
so fast compared to sinfo, that I might just use that directly.
Thanks for the suggestions!


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