[slurm-users] Time-based partitions

Paul Edmon pedmon at cfa.harvard.edu
Mon Mar 12 12:52:51 MDT 2018

You could probably accomplish this using a job submit lua script and 
some crafted QoS's.  It would take some doing but I imagine it could work.

-Paul Edmon-

On 03/12/2018 02:46 PM, Keith Ball wrote:
> Hi All,
> We are looking to have time-based partitions; e.g.  a"day" and "night" 
> partition (using the same group of compute nodes).
> 1.) For a “night” partition, jobs will only be allocated resources one 
> the “night-time” window is reached (e.g. 6pm – 7am). Ideally, the jobs 
> in the “night” partition would also have higher priority during this 
> window (so that they would preempt jobs in the "day" partition that 
> were still running, if there were resource contention).
> 2.) During the “day-time” window (7am-6pm), jobs in the “day” queue 
> can be allocated resources, and have higher priority than jobs in the 
> “night” partition (that way, preemptive scheduling can occur if there 
> is resource contention).
> I have so far not seen a way to define a run or allocation time window 
> for partitions. Are there such options? What is the best (and 
> hopefully least convoluted) way to achieve the scheduling behavior as 
> described above in Slurm?
> Thanks,
>   Keith

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