[slurm-users] Is It Possible to change the node order fordifferent partition

Bill bill at simplehpc.com
Tue Jun 26 22:50:53 MDT 2018

Thank you Brain,
Another question is can one node has different weight for different partition?
E.G node1 0.8 in Partition high but 0.5 in partition low?

Best regards,

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Yes, if you put a weight parameter to the nodes.
From the manpage:
           The priority of the node for scheduling purposes. All         things being equal, jobs will be allocated the nodes with the         lowest weight which satisfies their requirements. For example, a         heterogeneous collection of nodes might be placed into a single         partition for greater system utilization, responsiveness and         capability. It would be preferable to allocate smaller memory         nodes rather than larger memory nodes if either will satisfy a         job's requirements. The units of weight are arbitrary, but         larger weights should be assigned to nodes with more processors,         memory, disk space, higher processor speed, etc. Note that if a         job allocation request can not be satisfied using the nodes with         the lowest weight, the set of nodes with the next lowest weight         is added to the set of nodes under consideration for use (repeat         as needed for higher weight values). If you absolutely want to         minimize the number of higher weight nodes allocated to a job         (at a cost of higher scheduling overhead), give each node a           distinct Weight value and they will be added to the pool of           nodes being considered for scheduling individually. The         default value is 1.
Brian Andrus

     On 6/26/2018 3:06 PM, Bill wrote:
            Hi Everyone,
       For example, I         have two partitions, high,low each has same nodes node[1-10],         When we submit job to high partition the nodes order is         node1,node2......node10,  when we submit job to low partition,         the order is node10,node9......node1.
       Is it possible to         do that?
       Thanks in advance,
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