[slurm-users] Checking memory requirements in job_submit.lua

Hendryk Bockelmann bockelmann at dkrz.de
Fri Jun 15 00:07:25 MDT 2018


based on information given in job_submit_lua.c we decided not to use 
pn_min_memory any more. The comment in src says:

  * FIXME: Remove this in the future, lua can't handle 64bit
  * numbers!!!.  Use min_mem_per_node|cpu instead.

Instead we check in job_submit.lua for s,th, like

  if (job_desc.min_mem_per_node ~= nil) and
     (job_desc.min_mem_per_node == 0) then
    slurm.log_user("minimum real mem per node specified as %u", 

For mem-per-cpu things are more confusing. Somehow min_mem_per_cpu = 
2^63 = 0x8000000000000000 if sbatch/salloc does not set --mem-per-cpu, 
instead of being nil as expected !
But one can still check for

  if (job_desc.min_mem_per_cpu == 0) then
    slurm.log_user("minimum real mem per CPU specified as %u", 

Maybe this helps a bit.


On 14.06.2018 19:38, Prentice Bisbal wrote:
> On 06/13/2018 01:59 PM, Prentice Bisbal wrote:
>> In my environment, we have several partitions that are 'general 
>> access', with each partition providing different hardware resources 
>> (IB, large mem, etc). Then there are other partitions that are for 
>> specific departments/projects. Most of this configuration is 
>> historical, and I can't just rearrange the partition layout, etc, 
>> which would allow Slurm to apply it's own logic to redirect jobs to 
>> the appropriate nodes.
>> For the general access partitions, I've decided apply some of this 
>> logic in my job_submit.lua script. This logic would look at some of 
>> the job specifications and change the QOS/Partition for the job as 
>> appropriate. One thing I'm trying to do is have large memory jobs be 
>> assigned to my large memory partition, which is named mque for 
>> historical reasons.
>> To do this, I have added the following logic to my job_submit.lua script:
>> if job_desc.pn_min_mem > 65536 then
>>     slurm.user_msg("NOTICE: Partition switched to mque due to memory 
>> requirements.")
>>     job_desc.partition = 'mque'
>>     job_desc.qos = 'mque'
>>     return slurm.SUCCESS
>> end
>> This works when --mem is specified, doesn't seem to work when 
>> --mem-per-cpu is specified. What is the best way to check this when 
>> --mem-per-cpu is specified instead? Logically, one would have to 
>> calculate
>> mem per node = ntasks_per_node * ( ntasks_per_core / min_mem_per_cpu )
>> Is correct? If so, are there any flaws in the logic/variable names 
>> above? Also, is this quantity automatically calculated in Slurm by a 
>> variable that is accessible by job_submit.lua at this point, or do I 
>> need to calculate this myself?
> I've given up on calculating mem per node when --mem-per-cpu is 
> specified. I was hoping to do this to protect my users from themselves, 
> but the more I think about this, the more this looks like a fool's errand.
> Prentice

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