[slurm-users] additional variable to the struct job_desc_msg_t

Rajiv Nishtala nishtala.raj at gmail.com
Thu Jun 14 01:38:13 MDT 2018


I started working with SLURM some days ago, and one of the first things 
I aim to do is adding an additional variable to the job_script file via 
the structure job_desc_msg_t.
Specifically, via the function slurm_submit_batch_job in submit.c

The data provided to the job_script via the job_desc_msg_t is read 
without any errors in submit.c.
However, the data is not being transmitted to 
_copy_job_desc_to_job_record in job_mgr.c

After investigating a bit more, I realised that a dereferencing of a 
buffer is taking place in _unpack_job_desc_msg in slurm_protocol_pack.c.
I am having a tough time figuring out the call chain for 

TLDR; What is the call chain that I need to address to adding another 
variable to job_desc_msg_t in slurm.h?

Best wishes,

Sorry for sending in again, I realised that I was not subscribed in.

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