[slurm-users] Checking memory requirements in job_submit.lua

Prentice Bisbal pbisbal at pppl.gov
Wed Jun 13 11:59:31 MDT 2018

In my environment, we have several partitions that are 'general access', 
with each partition providing different hardware resources (IB, large 
mem, etc). Then there are other partitions that are for specific 
departments/projects. Most of this configuration is historical, and I 
can't just rearrange the partition layout, etc, which would allow Slurm 
to apply it's own logic to redirect jobs to the appropriate nodes.

For the general access partitions, I've decided apply some of this logic 
in my job_submit.lua script. This logic would look at some of the job 
specifications and change the QOS/Partition for the job as appropriate. 
One thing I'm trying to do is have large memory jobs be assigned to my 
large memory partition, which is named mque for historical reasons.

To do this, I have added the following logic to my job_submit.lua script:

if job_desc.pn_min_mem > 65536 then
     slurm.user_msg("NOTICE: Partition switched to mque due to memory 
     job_desc.partition = 'mque'
     job_desc.qos = 'mque'
     return slurm.SUCCESS

This works when --mem is specified, doesn't seem to work when 
--mem-per-cpu is specified. What is the best way to check this when 
--mem-per-cpu is specified instead? Logically, one would have to calculate

mem per node = ntasks_per_node * ( ntasks_per_core / min_mem_per_cpu )

Is correct? If so, are there any flaws in the logic/variable names 
above? Also, is this quantity automatically calculated in Slurm by a 
variable that is accessible by job_submit.lua at this point, or do I 
need to calculate this myself?


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