[slurm-users] Requiring Flex Licenses

Raymond Norris Raymond.Norris at mathworks.com
Wed Jan 24 14:01:38 MST 2018


I've got two scenarios, both needing to track licenses.

In scenario one, I've got Slurm clusters (14.11.11 and 17.02.x) running at multiple sites.  They all use the same license server running at one of these sites.  I need to configure Slurm to request N number of licenses.  Reading through the doc, Local Licenses won't do.  Given that these clusters are running at different sites/companies, is it even worth thinking about Remote Licenses?  They won't share the same slurmdbd.  If I can't use Remote Licenses, what other options do I have?

In scenario two, I've got a single site that has multiple Slurm clusters wanting to leverage the same license server.  For this, I should be able to make use of Remote Licenses, right?  If so, is this the proper way

   sacctmgr add resource cluster=cluster1,cluster2 count=100 Name=matlab Server=flex.company.com ServerType=flexlm Type=license

  1.  Since I'm not actually interfacing with Flex, what's the purpose of specifying the Server?  Ok, I just read that I need to specify the Server when calling sbatch (matlab at flex.company.com<mailto:matlab at flex.company.com>), but still not sure the need for it.  Is this to support both local and remote licenses at the same time?  In theory, can Server be an arbitrary (but unique) value?
  2.  Similar, what's the purpose of specifying the ServerType?
  3.  What are the valid values of ServerType or is it arbitrary?
  4.  Is Type required?
  5.  If I don't specify PercentAllowed, does that imply that both cluster1 and cluster2 could consume 100%, but the totality of the two is also 100%?
  6.  Rather than stating that a cluster has a PercentAllowed, can I specify a user (or all users) has a PercentAllowed?

It seems like I could whittle this down to just

   sacctmgr add resource cluster=cluster1,cluster2 count=100 Name=matlab [Server=flex.company.com]


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