[slurm-users] execute job regardless the exit status of dependent jobs

Michael Robbert mrobbert at mines.edu
Fri Jan 19 12:51:58 MST 2018


I haven't tested or used this, but why won't afterany do what you want?

                      This job can begin execution after the specified 
jobs have terminated.


On 1/19/18 11:09 AM, Hwa, George wrote:
> I have a “reaper” job that harvests the results from a set of 
> proceeding jobs, regardless their exit status. However, none of the 
> dependency options (After, AfterOk, AfterNotok, etc) seems to do what 
> I want. Any idea how to get around this?
> Thanks
> George
> KLA-Tencor%20Confidential%20Need-to-Know%20Only
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