[slurm-users] howto limit the cpu resource for each user

Arielle Willm arielle.willm at oca.eu
Thu Jan 18 10:22:34 MST 2018


slurm is installed in a minimal configuration for a cluster of 
3000cores/170 nodes.We have 4 partitions, one for each type of nodes; 
each partition is available for all users.
We want to prevent each user from taking more than 1000 cores running on 
up to 50 jobs on all the cluster, and I'm looking for guidance on how we 
should do so.

I have already read a lot of documentation about it , i tried but i have 
no result

- Below a list of some config parameters :

    # Accounting.
    # Consumable Resource

- about the config in the slurmDB , there are not many things, only 
account root and only user root

sacctmgr show account
    Account                Descr                  Org
---------- -------------------- --------------------
       root default root account                 root

I have tried : sacctmgr modify cluster set GrpTRES=cpu=1040

but it does not work !

What is wrong ?

Did we need to uncomment the parameter AccountingStorageEnforce ?

Did we need to define all the users ?

Can someone show the way to proceed?

Thanks for your help

A Willm


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