[slurm-users] long wait until sacct has all data available

Stefan Bienert stefan.bienert at unibas.ch
Wed Jan 10 06:32:21 MST 2018


I'm new to SLURM and on my second day stumbled upon something weird. 
When I use sacct, very often I get 'Unknown" for the qos used. After a 
while the qos is set to what I actually set it for the job.

Specifically, I can run

$ sacct -j 22047339 --parsable2 -o QOS

Wait 10 minutes and run it again

$ sacct -j 22047339 --parsable2 -o QOSQOS

Is this expected behavior? Since 10 minutes seems a lot of time to me.
Would there be a way to get the info without waiting so long? I use 
sacct to direct automated submissions.



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