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Brian Haymore brian.haymore at utah.edu
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We handle this for slurm as well as a number of other "internal" services by having a mail server with re-write rules setup.  We have run into a number of devices/software over the years that isn't able to address this on their own.  Our mail server doesn't allow incoming mail from the outside, simply allows our machines on the back end to send out through it where the re-write rules are applied.  Not the only way to handle this, but wanted to share it as an option.

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Apparently (I was on holiday - of course) we experienced a mini email server melt because of a confluence of two events.

Triggered by a user making a spelling mistake in their own email address, this was compounded by the fact that slurm creates a from address for the outgoing email in the format of <SlurmUser>@<hostname -f> on the slurmctld server.

Since that user doesn't exist in our email service - Exchange Server, and our slurmctld server isn't a valid proxy, there were errors upon errors.

Is there any way to set that from address to something more generic (admin at unix.domain.tld) in slurm.conf?

I can't see anything obvious in slurm.conf nor in the documentation, but I may have missed it.


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