[slurm-users] preemptible low prio long job not backfill scheduled

Gerben Roest g.roest at grepit.nl
Wed Jan 3 15:49:51 MST 2018


I have a cluster that at the moment has a few idle nodes, but my low
prio preemptible 1-node jobs won't be scheduled because "Resources". I
suspect because I gave them a long runtime and there are other higher
prio multi-node jobs waiting for more nodes to become available. Also,
because a test with -t 10:00 gets scheduled.

I would like my low prio jobs to just be scheduled, since they can be
preempted anyway and will be killed and requeued. How can I accomplish
this? I like slurm to disregard the timelimit for these preemptible jobs.



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