[slurm-users] slurmacct: An alternative Slurm accounting report tool

Ole Holm Nielsen Ole.H.Nielsen at fysik.dtu.dk
Tue Jan 2 09:38:16 MST 2018

I'm announcing a "slurmacct" script/tool as an alternative to the Slurm 
accounting report tool "sreport".

It's available on Github: 

This tool prints some job statistics which we used to get from our old 
Torque system (see the pbsacct tool in http://ftp.fysik.dtu.dk/Torque/), 
and which can't be obtained using "sreport".  In fact, slurmacct is 
based upon the old pbsacct tool.

You're kindly invited to give pbsacct a try.  Please send problem 
reports or suggestions for improvements to me.


 From the Github page:

Slurm accounting report tool

Generate accounting statistics from Slurm as an alternative to the 
sreport command.

Specific start and end Time/Date must be specified.

A specific user, group or node partition may be specified.

There are some advantages of slurmacct over the sreport command:

     Partition specific accounting is possible.

     Average CPU count (job parallelism) is printed.

     Average waiting time in the queue is printed (answer to "My jobs 
wait for too long").


Usage: slurmacct [-p partition(s)] [-u username] [-g groupname] [-G] 
Start_time End_time
         -p partition: Select only Slurm partion <partition>
         -u username: Print only user <username>
         -g groupname: Print only users in UNIX group <groupname>
         -G: Print only groupwise summed accounting data
         -h: Print this help information
The Start_time and End_time values specify the date/time interval of
job completion/termination (see "man sacct").

Time/Date format: MMDD (Month-Day)

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