[slurm-users] ntasks and cpus-per-task

Miguel Gutiérrez Páez mgutierrez at gmail.com
Thu Feb 22 00:49:51 MST 2018

Hi all,

I'm quite noob in slurm and I'm still learning how slurm works.
There are some concepts that get me confused. For example, the difference
between ntasks and cpus-per-task in sbatch and/or srun. I've noticed that
cpus-per-task (and ntasks=1) allocates cpus (cores) within the same compute
node. A value of cpus-per-task higher than the max number of cores of any
node, will fail, since it seems that tries to allocate cores within the
same node. With ntasks is different. If I set a ntasks value higher than
the number of cores of a node, slurm allocates cores within several nodes,
in a linear mode.
So, should I understand cpus-per-task as the number of cpus/cores/thread I
want to use? What's the real meaning of ntasks? Has cpus-per-task and
ntasks the same meaning in sbatch and srun?

Best regards.
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