[slurm-users] build on FreeBSD with WITHOUT_KERBEROS

Jason Bacon bacon4000 at gmail.com
Sun Feb 18 10:08:27 MST 2018

On 02/17/18 13:42, Joseph Mingrone wrote:
> Hi,
> A bug report was submitted for the FreeBSD slurm package claiming that the roken.h header is not needed and causes problems when WITHOUT_KERBEROS is used.  After a bit of grepping I do not see why it is required.  What do you say?  Should '#include <roken.h>' be dropped from src/plugins/mpi/pmi2/agent.c, src/plugins/mpi/pmi2/agent.c, and src/plugins/mpi/pmi2/pmi2.c?
> Joseph

Top-level C headers are pretty well standardized these days, but 
occasionally they may be necessary on one platform and not others, so 
there there's a risk in removing it outright.

As a first step, I'd suggest a patch + comment to remind developers that 
it may be extraneous:

  * roken.h does not exist on FreeBSD systems built with 
WITHOUT__KERBEROS and is not needed on systems built with it.
  * Is roken.h actually needed on other platforms?  If not, we can 
remove the lines below.
#ifndef __FreeBSD__
#include <roken.h>



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