[slurm-users] Single user consuming all resources of the cluster

Christopher Samuel chris at csamuel.org
Tue Feb 6 05:03:24 MST 2018

On 06/02/18 21:40, Matteo F wrote:

> I've tried to limit the number of running job using Qos -> 
> MaxJobsPerAccount, but this wouldn't stop a user to just fill up the
> cluster with fewer (but bigger) jobs.

You probably want to look at what you can do with the slurmdbd database
and associations. Things like GrpTRES:


# GrpTRES=<TRES=max TRES,...>
#     Maximum number of TRES running jobs are able to be allocated in
# aggregate for this association and all associations which are children
# of this association. To clear a previously set value use the modify
# command with a new value of -1 for each TRES id.
#  NOTE: This limit only applies fully when using the Select Consumable
# Resource plugin.

Best of luck,

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