[slurm-users] Built in X11 forwarding in 17.11 won't work on local displays

Brendan Moloney moloney.brendan at gmail.com
Mon Apr 23 17:04:02 MDT 2018


We recently upgraded to 17.11, and I was trying to setup the new integrated
X11 forwarding instead of using the spank plugin.

Initially I was testing with an SSH session into our login node and things
seemed fine.  Then I switched to using X2Go to connect to the login node
and it broke.  The error was something along the lines of "Can't forward a
local display" (sorry, didn't save the exact error and I have since
reverted back to using the spank plugin).  With X2Go (and some other remote
desktop solutions) you are assigned a local display number, which
apparently causes this problem to surface.

Has anyone else ran into this?  The spank plugin still works fine, but in
the long term we would like to switch over to the integrated solution if

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