[slurm-users] Include some cores of the head node to a partition

Mahmood Naderan mahmood.nt at gmail.com
Sat Apr 28 03:58:08 MDT 2018

Hi again
I see that the state of the frontend is Drained. Is that the default
state? The following line

PartitionName=OTHERS AllowAccounts=em1 Nodes=compute-0-[2-3],rocks7

Should include all core numbers of all nodes. The computes are set to
idle, but the frontend is drained.


On Tue, Apr 24, 2018 at 8:47 PM, Mahmood Naderan <mahmood.nt at gmail.com> wrote:
> Chris,
> So the problem still exists ;)
>>Yes, if you are happy
>>for the asymmetry then you can do that.
> That is the question. MaxCPUsPerNode is for symmetrically set the max
> core number for all nodes in the partition. That is not applicable for
>  asymmetric cases.
> Regards,
> Mahmood

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