[slurm-users] Generic Burst Buffers

Mehmet Soysal mehmet.soysal at kit.edu
Tue Apr 10 13:37:14 MDT 2018

im testing (or trying) generic burst buffers.
But it is not really clear how to configure the burst buffers.

I configured slurm.conf to use the generic plugin:

#Add Debug flags

On startup it loads the module:
slurmctld: debug3: Trying to load plugin 
slurmctld: debug3: Success.

I tried to use the SchedMD example scripts but it looks like the burst 
buffer are completely ignored.
Submitting Jobs with #BB in the job script does not have any effect or 
show output in the logfile.

Did i missed something?
Can anybody around help with the first steps or show a working example 
Even a working dummy example would help.

thanks in advance

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