[slurm-users] MaxSubmitJobsPerUser?

Dmitri Chebotarov dchebota at gmu.edu
Sat Apr 7 10:19:05 MDT 2018


I'm looking for some help on how to use MaxSubmitJobsPerUser in QOS.
Seems like I'm missing something while trying to limit number of jobs a user can submit. 

sacctmgr add qos maxsubmitjobsperuser
sacctmgr modify qos maxsubmitjobsperuser set MaxSubmitJobsPerUser=1
sacctmgr modify user dchebota set qos+=maxsubmitjobsperuser

MaxSubmitJobsPerUser is not set on any other QOS.

I'm still able to submit more that 1 job - all submitted jobs are RUNNING. 

Is this the right way to set MaxSubmitJobsPerUser per user?

Thank you,
Dmitri Chebotarov.
George Mason University,
4400 University Drive,
Fairfax, VA, 22030
GPG Public key# 5E19F14D: [https://goo.gl/SlE8tj]

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