[slurm-users] Actual job running time

Tomislav Subic tomislav.subic at arctur.si
Thu Nov 30 05:04:20 MST 2017

Hi everyone,

is there any way to see the actual job running time with sacct, and not 
the time resources were allocated to that job? I see there are many 
fields like Elapsed (which to my understanding and testing is the total 
time resources have been allocated to the job), but I can't figure out 
which field would fit my needs.
The problem is that when nodes are set in power-saving mode (turned off) 
and a job requests resources, the nodes get allocated to the job and the 
Elapsed time starts running, however, the job has to wait for the nodes 
to boot (3-5 minutes). This period gets counted in the Elapsed job time, 
and I was wondering if there is some way to know the actual running time 
of the job, without that waiting/booting period.


Tomislav Šubić
Arctur d.o.o.

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