[slurm-users] fail when trying to set up selection=con_res

Ethan Van Matre vanmatre at ohsu.edu
Tue Nov 28 17:31:58 MST 2017

I've been trying to setup a slurm cluster with con_res enabled. No luck.

Running on ubuntu 16.04

When using linear selection all works as expected. Jobs are schedules and run their course then exit. Exclusive use of the node is granted.

We would like to schedule based on cpu (cores actually) and set thus:









When launching jobs we more than one at a time per node but the jobs become hung in a COMPLETING state. Not sure if they ever started.

Can anyone point me to how to set up slurm so that allocation is on a cpu (core) basis with as many jobs as there are cores running on each node?


Ethan VanMatre
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