[slurm-users] Priority wait

Benjamin Redling benjamin.rampe at uni-jena.de
Mon Nov 13 08:26:09 MST 2017

Hi Roy,

On 11/13/17 2:37 PM, Roe Zohar wrote:
> I sent 3000 jobs with feature Optimus and part are running while part 
> are pendind. Which is ok.
> But I have sent 1000 jobs to Megatron and they are all in pending 
> stating they wait because of priority. Whay os that?
> B.t.w if I change their priority to a higher one, they start to run on 
> Megatron.

my guess: is if you can provide the slurm.conf of that cluster, the 
probability anyone will sacrifice his spare-time for you will increase 

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