[slurm-users] Quick hold on all partitions, all jobs

John Hearns hearnsj at gmail.com
Thu Nov 9 00:09:47 MST 2017

 "complete network wide network outage tomorrow night from 10pm across the
whole institute".


Lachlan, I advise running the following script on all login nodes:

cat << EOF > /etc/motd
HPC Managers are in the pub.
At this hour of the day you should also be.

In case of HPC actually on fire, Lachlan can be contacted at:
In Front of the Bar
The Dog and Duck

On 9 November 2017 at 04:57, Jonathon A Anderson <
jonathon.anderson at colorado.edu> wrote:

> In your situation, where you're blocking user access to the login node, it
> probably doesn't matter. We use DOWN in most events, as INACTIVE would
> prevent new jobs from being queued against the partition at all. DOWN
> allows the jobs to be queued, and just doesn't permit them to run. (In
> either case, HOLDing PENDING jobs is redundant.)
> ~jonathon
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> Subject: [slurm-users] Quick hold on all partitions, all jobs
> The IT team sent an email saying "complete network wide network outage
> tomorrow night from 10pm across the whole institute".
> Our plan is to put all queued jobs on hold, suspend all running jobs, and
> turning off the login node.
> I've just discovered that the partitions have a state, and it can be set
> In this situation - most likely a 4 hour outage with nothing else affected
> - would you mark your partitions DOWN or INACTIVE?
> Ostensibly all users should be off the systems (because no network), but
> there's always one that sets an at or cron job or finds that corner case.
> Cheers
> L.
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