[slurm-users] [slurm-dev] Re: Installing SLURM locally on Ubuntu 16.04

Will L will.landau at gmail.com
Wed Nov 8 06:38:18 MST 2017


Thanks for following up. I just tried again as you said, with the following

$ sudo slurmctld -D -f /etc/slurm-llnl/slurm.conf
slurmctld: slurmctld version 17.02.9 started on cluster cluster
slurmctld: error: Couldn't find the specified plugin name for crypto/munge
looking at all files
slurmctld: error: cannot find crypto plugin for crypto/munge
slurmctld: error: cannot create crypto context for crypto/munge
slurmctld: fatal: slurm_cred_creator_ctx_create((null)): Operation not



On Sun, Nov 5, 2017 at 7:18 PM, Benjamin Redling <benjamin.rampe at uni-jena.de
> wrote:

> Hi Will,
> looking at your stackoverflow postings there doesn't seem to be anything
> helpful. Did you solve your problem in the meantime?
> Am 30.10.2017 um 03:12 schrieb Will L:
> > I am trying to install SLURM 15.08.7 locally on an Ubuntu 16.04 machine.
> > In my case, the master and worker nodes are the same.
> [...]
> Have you tried starting both slurmctld and slurmd in the foreground (-D)?
> When I have real trouble with a cluster I open two terminals
> side-by-side, set debugging in the slurm.conf to something reasonable
> high. Then I start...
> ... one with: slurmctld -D -f <path_to_config>
> ... another with: slurmd -D -f <path_to_config>
> (I only remember one case where that wasn't helpful: a seemingly random
> "user unknown" file access problem)
> Regards,
> Benjamin
> --
> FSU Jena | JULIELab.de/Staff/Benjamin+Redling.html
> ☎ +49 3641 9 44323
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