[slurm-users] Having errors trying to run a packed jobs script

Marius Cetateanu MCetateanu at softkinetic.com
Tue Nov 7 02:12:17 MST 2017


I am new to slurm and I'm having some issues scheduling correctly

my tasks.

I have a very small cluster(if it even could be called a cluster) with only

one node for the moment; the node is a dual Xeon with 14 cores/socket,

hyper-threaded and 256GB of memory, running CentOS 7.3.

I have a single threaded process which I would like to run

over a series of input files(around 370). I have found that the packed

jobs scenario fits with what I'm trying to achieve. So I would like to

run 50 instances of my process at the same time over different input files.

The moment I schedule my script I can see that there are 50 instances of

my process started and running but just a bit afterwards only 5 or so of them

I can see running - so I only get full load for the first 50 instances and not


In the slurmctld.log I can see this type of messages:

"[2017-11-06T11:56:39.228] job_step_signal step 1489.107 not found"

and in my script output file I can see:

"srun: Job step creation temporarily disabled, retrying"

At this point I'm sifting through documentation and online info trying to figure

out what is going on. I have attached my slurmctld log file, slurm config file, script and

the output I get from sinfo, stat and the likes.

Any pointers on how to attack this problem would be much appreciated.

Thank you


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