[slurm-users] slurm-dev Mailing list changes this weekend, slurm-dev will become slurm-users

Tim Wickberg tim at schedmd.com
Sun Nov 5 12:46:47 MST 2017

Hey folks -

Welcome to the re-named mailing list.

The Google group has been updated as well to reflect this change. A few 
of the website links will be updated later this afternoon to reflect the 
change as well.

If you need to manage your subscriptions, the Mailman web interface is:


There is also a digest option available if you'd rather not get the live 
feed of all email.

- Tim

On 10/31/2017 01:02 PM, Tim Wickberg wrote:
> Hey folks -
> This has been in the works for quite a while, but we're finally ready to 
> make the leap this weekend.
> As some of you may have noticed, the mailing list software has 
> occasionally had issues getting messages out in a consistent and timely 
> fashion. So, we're retiring the current software stack in favor of a 
> fresh Mailman installation, which should prove to be much more robust as 
> well as presenting a more familiar interface to subscribe/unsubscribe 
> from the lists.
> As part of this, the List-Id for [slurm-announce] will change to:
> List-Id: Slurm Announce List <slurm-announce.lists.schedmd.com>
> For [slurm-dev], a similar change would be needed. But, we felt it was 
> best to use this as an opportunity to rename [slurm-dev] itself.
> While [slurm-dev] was originally meant just for development discussion, 
> the emphasis has shifted to community discussion and self support, and 
> the original list name does not make sense in context. We want the list 
> name to reflect that shift in intent, and have settled on [slurm-users] 
> as the best name going forward.
> So - over this weekend, the [slurm-dev] subscriber list will be 
> transfered over to the [slurm-users] list, now running under Mailman. 
> Both slurm-dev at schedmd.com and slurm-users at schedmd.com will post to the 
> list for the next several months, but the slurm-dev alias will be 
> retired eventually.
> The new headers for [slurm-users] will include:
> List-Id: Slurm Users List <slurm-users.lists.schedmd.com>
> And [slurm-users] will be included in all message subjects instead of 
> [slurm-dev].
> cheers,
> - Tim

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