[slurm-announce] Slurm version 22.05.8 is now available

Tim McMullan mcmullan at schedmd.com
Thu Jan 26 23:00:26 UTC 2023

We are pleased to announce the availability of Slurm version 22.05.8.

This includes a number of minor to moderate bug fixes, including a 
regression when updating unsorted NodeName and NodeAddr lists, and an 
issue when upgrading from 21.08 with job_env or job_script set in 

Slurm can be downloaded from https://www.schedmd.com/downloads.php.

- Tim

Tim McMullan
Release Management, Support, and Development
SchedMD LLC - Commercial Slurm Development and Support

> * Changes in Slurm 22.05.8
> ==========================
>  -- Fix potential deadlock at slurmctld startup when job has invalid qos.
>  -- Avoid unnecessary call to clusteracct_storage_g_cluster_tres() when pinging
>     dynamic nodes. This avoids significant slowdowns for slurmctld when
>     ping_nodes() calls all nodes to re-register.
>  -- openapi/dbv0.0.3[6-8] - fix segfault that could arrise from Slurm database
>     connnection failing.
>  -- Fix regression introduced in 22.05.0rc1 when updating a NodeName=<nodelist>
>     with NodeAddr and/or NodeHostname if the specified nodelist wasn't sorted.
>  -- openapi/v0.0.38 - change type of nice field for job submissions to integer
>     from string.
>  -- openapi/v0.0.38 - add oversubscribe option to job submission properties.
>  -- openapi/v0.0.38 - fix incorrect data used to populate "time/start" field
>     for jobs.
>  -- openapi/dbv0.0.38 - avoid dumping failure if preempt qos with level 0 is
>     provided by slurmdbd query.
>  -- Avoid an fd leak when lib dir for sbcast fails to be created.
>  -- common/slurmdbd_pack - fix env and script hash when unpacking a 21.08
>     dbd_job_start_msg_t.
>  -- Fix a race between job_container/tmpfs, cncu, x11 setup and adoption of pids
>     in cray with pam_slurm_adopt.

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