[slurm-announce] Slides and video from the SLUG'21 presentations are online

Tim Wickberg tim at schedmd.com
Wed Sep 22 19:10:33 UTC 2021

The slides from SLUG'21 have now been uploaded to the Slurm Publication 


The video recordings will remain[0] on our YouTube Channel for at least 
the next two weeks:


As mentioned at the end of my presentation, we will have the Slurm 
Community booth at SC'21 in St. Louis. Although SchedMD will only have a 
skeleton crew on site.

The Slurm Birds-of-a-Feather session was approved for SC'21. We've 
requested this be held fully virtual but are waiting for confirmation, 
and will send further details on that as we get closer to the event.

And thank you to everyone who showed up during the live presentations 
yesterday. The presenters always appreciate the feedback and questions, 
even if it's not quite as interactive as our in-person meetings.

- Tim

[0] Apologies to anyone who went looking for them yesterday - the live 
streams apparently take 12 hours before being listed on the 'Uploads' 
section which is the default view for the channel. The videos were 
available, but you needed to know to look for them on the SLUG'21 
playlist or use the direct links from the agenda to get to them.

Tim Wickberg
Chief Technology Officer, SchedMD LLC
Commercial Slurm Development and Support

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