[slurm-announce] Slurm versions 20.11.4 is now available

Tim Wickberg tim at schedmd.com
Thu Feb 18 22:38:04 UTC 2021

We are pleased to announce the availability of Slurm version 20.11.4.

This includes a workaround for a broken glibc version that erroneously 
prints a long-double value of 0 as "nan", which can corrupt Slurm's 
association state files.

Slurm can be downloaded from https://www.schedmd.com/downloads.php .

- Tim

Tim Wickberg
Chief Technology Officer, SchedMD LLC
Commercial Slurm Development and Support

> * Changes in Slurm 20.11.4
> ==========================
>  -- Fix node selection for advanced reservations with features.
>  -- mpi/pmix: Handle pipe failure better when using ucx.
>  -- mpi/pmix: include PMIX_NODEID for each process entry.
>  -- Fix job getting rejected after being requeued on same node that died.
>  -- job_submit/lua - add "network" field.
>  -- Fix situations when a reoccuring reservation could erroneously skip a
>     period.
>  -- Ensure that a reservations [pro|epi]log are ran on reoccuring reservations.
>  -- Fix threads-per-core memory allocation issue when using CR_CPU_MEMORY.
>  -- Fix scheduling issue with --gpus.
>  -- Fix gpu allocations that request --cpus-per-task.
>  -- mpi/pmix: fixed print messages for all PMIXP_* macros
>  -- Add mapping for XCPU to --signal option.
>  -- Fix regression in 20.11 that prevented a full pass of the main scheduler
>     from ever executing.
>  -- Work around a glibc bug in which "0" is incorrectly printed as "nan"
>     which will result in corrupted association state on restart.
>  -- Fix regression in 20.11 which made slurmd incorrectly attempt to find the
>     parent slurmd address when not applicable and send incorrect reverse-tree
>     info to the slurmstepd.
>  -- Fix cgroup ns detection when using containers (e.g. LXC or Docker).
>  -- scrontab - change temporary file handling to work with emacs.

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